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"what exactly is a 'look'?"

"look" is essentially another word for outfit/hair/makeup. for example, your first look may be more laid-back: a casual top with simple/light hair and makeup; while your second look may be a nice dress with the addition of a bold lipstick and hair in an updo.

booking multiple looks is highly beneficial for many reasons... mainly because it gives you options and versatility to utilize in more specific ways!

"how do i determine looks/outfits?"

(first and foremost... you are more than welcome to bring a few options and i can help you!)

determining looks varies depending on the sort of portrait package you're booking.

for example, if you're booking commercial and/or theatrical headshots, you'll want to think about outfits and H/MU styles that represent different character types for versatility.

if you're booking portraits to promote yourself as a business, you'll want to think about outfits and H/MU that both show off your personality and give off a sense of professionalism.

if you're booking family portraits, the most important thing to focus on is making sure everyone's outfits are complement each other - and try to stay away from any overly distracting patterns and/or tones (such as neon).

"why do sessions in the studio cost more...
and is it worth it?"

Brick + Pine Studio charges by the hour - so the additional fee is to make up for that. 

in my opinion - especially when it comes to unpredictable Nevada weather - it is absolutely worth it! the studio is large, newly renovated, full of natural light... and decorated from top to bottom like a total dream. plus, there's heating + A/C, free beverages, clothing racks, full-length mirrors, clean bathrooms, props galore... and a great Bluetooth speaker for vibey music to get you in the mood/as comfortable as possible.

on top of which, when shooting outdoors, it's essentially right outside of the studio - so, depending on the portrait package you choose, you can get both in-studio AND outdoor shots!

"how will i receive/save/share my photos?"

after filtering through the entire session (essentially deleting any blurry/blinking photos), i upload the proofs into a gallery that you'll receive via email. from there, you will select however many favorites your portrait package includes for me to edit. additional edits are at a set rate of $20 each; and i also edit at least 1 or 2 of my personal favorites. :-)

only the final edits (downloaded in their highest resolution) can be posted/used for any sort of publication (websites, casting calls, etcetera).

"will you pose/direct me during our session?"

have no fear... so long as you are comfortable with it, i will be directing you nearly every step of the way to ensure the best possible experience/result! the beauty of loving what i do is i get fired up on every session... therefore, even if it's just for one hour, making my clients feel and look their best becomes my top priority.

"if there's a certain thing i want edited in a photo, can i ask you to do it?"

short answer: yes. :-) if you're dissatisfied with your final edits and something is sticking out at you, let me know and i will edit if possible/as long as it doesn't make the photo look over-edited.

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